Executive Search

Clients entrust Utterclub’s competitive Executive Search service to deliver the highest calibre candidates who are at the top of their game.  We work with PR & Communications agencies that need to secure MDs and CEOs as well as companies that require senior communications professionals.


Working closely and always in confidence with our clients we are able to help further shape the role brief if required.  We meet face to face with all clients to gain an in depth insight into the culture and role before defining and agreeing a strategy that we will work to. Mapping out the market, we are happy to focus on niche areas of the industry, target specific brands / companies that might be of particular interest or take the brief as wide as possible to give the client choice and on occasion, surprises!


We identify, contact and interview all potential candidates, working under NDA if required to assess their suitability for the role.  Candidates who pass muster are shortlisted and each candidate is presented to the client with a full profile. Once our clients have chosen their preferred candidates, we help them set up interviews.  We are always happy to attend these interviews with our clients if they require a helping hand.


Throughout the interview process, candid feedback is offered to both our candidates and clients and any potential issues are identified and discussed.  With interviews completed, Utterclub meets with our clients again to review the process and assist them in developing an attractive and competitive package before offering the chosen candidate. We’ll be there every step of the way and continue to stay in touch with both candidate and client throughout probation period to ensure all is on track!

Contact us today at hello@utterclub.com or call 07970620458.