Utterclub provides your business with a talented interim or experienced freelance professional. With a fantastic network of contacts built up over many years, Utterclub offers clients the reassurance of providing candidates able to fulfil a variety of positions.

Our fully enabled freelance service helps experienced PR professionals who are either between permanent jobs or who have decided to become a career freelancer, build a regular pipeline of quality contracts.

Utterclub works with both agencies and companies to fill short term contracts, interim positions and maternity covers across mid to senior level. To find out more about getting value from freelance resource, please read our article here.

The Pros and Cons of Freelancing



You get to choose the contracts you take on and where and when you work.  Some freelancers take the summer and Christmas off altogether.

You’ll get a breath of experience that will enrich your cv, often working on exciting  launches or projects rather than the hum drum of press office / retainer work

You can earn more money by charging a day rate

You’ll build great contacts which will provide in roads to other opportunities down the line.

You’ll be able to avoid the office politics



Work is never guaranteed.  You’ll have to work your recruiters hard and push your own network of contacts to maximise your chance of regular work

You can be ignored!  Some freelancers report turning up and not even being shown where the toilets are let alone receiving any pleasentries from co-workers

You are rarely briefed thoroughly.  You’d better be prepared to make assumptions and go with your gut, using your expertise since there is often little time to properly induct you

You will miss out on essential skills. Freelancers are often brought in for the work, rather than to manage people, so that entire side of your skill set could get lost the more time you spend as a freelancer.

A guide to day rates

Below is a rough guide to freelance day rates based on level and experience. These rates are not set in stone and are usually negotiable:

Junior Account Executive£80 – £90
Account Executive£100 – £120
Senior Account Executive£120 – £140
Account Manager£150 – £180
Senior Account Manager£180 – £220
Account Director£230 – £270
Senior Account Director£280 – £350
Associate Director£350 – £450
DirectorPrice on request
Press Officer£100 – £130
Communications Executive£120 – £140
PR Manager£200 – £270
Communications Manager£220 – £300
PR DirectorPrice on request
Head of CommunicationsPrice on request
If you are starting out as a freelancer, please feel free to download our free resources including a sample invoice and timesheet. You may also need a P46 if you’ve yet to receive your P45 from each contract. If you need any other help, feel free to get in touch!

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